Girl I Need (original song) by @au_dino

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    horepublikDiunggah December 23, 2016

    Written and performed by Audino Wicaksono Arranged and recorded by Toma MOCCA Pratama (Prereleased version) Verse 1: Oh i've been in this position before Trying to get out of this cold But I don’t know what to do I'm a traveler far from home Searching for a place i can go I’m lost without you Chorus: But when i see your face It takes me to a beautiful place When i see that smile I get the shivers, oh the shivers When you’re in my vicinity It gives me a sense of clarity Ohh you’re the only girl i need Verse 2: Oh i've never felt this way before If you needed me i'd be at your door I'd do anything for you Chorus Bridge: Take this time to realize you'll never find someone like her Even if you search the world, youre wasting time, just wasting time Chorus 2x

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