This Tourist Spot in Makassar Never CLOSES! (FINAL PART)

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    DennyDiunggah October 15, 2017

    Makassar, the gate to east Indonesia. As one of the 5 biggest cities in Indonesia, it is not only famous for its delicious local food, its stunning nature and culture but also for its interesting history. We try to connect 1 dot to another to understand more about this city. Should you need any further information or guide during your visit in Makassar please don't hesitate to contact us at: everaers.dewi@gmail.com Follow our Instagram Eye Indonesia : https://www.instagram.com/eye.indonesia/ Dewi Everaers : https://www.instagram.com/dewi_everaers/ Comeback Production : https://www.instagram.com/comebackpro... Store : https://www.instagram.com/eyeindonesi... NOTE: All song credits will be on the last episode

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