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Korean Lifehacks - 5 Simple Recipes Using a Microwave

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  • Diterbitkan July 18, 2017
"No need to use fire to cook simple foods! Less time but equal taste. It’s useful when you want to cook small amount. ※ The duration varies depending on the type of microwaves. ① Egg fry - Spread olive oil on a microwave safe dish. - Poke the egg yolk to prevent it from exploding. - Nuke it for a minute. ② Yogurt - Put four and a half cups of milk in a microwave safe container. - Warm it up but make sure not to boil for 2 min. - Add fermented yogurt and stir it with a plastic or wooden spoon - Warm it up again, cover it up and leave it for more than 6 hours at room temperature. (Use a blanket to shorten the duration) ③ Steamed potato - Put potatoes in a microwave safe container or mug cup and pour water a half if the potatoes. -And Nuke it for 5 min. checking if it’s well cooked ④ Steamed sweet potato - Fill the half of a microwave safe cup with water and put a sweet potato on it. - And Nuke it for 5 min. ⑤ Roasted chestnuts - Cut criss cross on the bottom of a chestnuts. - Cover them with a wet paper. - Nuke 3 min. for small ones and 5 min. for big ones. ▶About Sharehows Sharehows make easy and informative know-hows and deal with content curation. You can find any tips from A to Z in Sharehows Enjoy your time with Sharehows and be knowledgeable! → Subscribe : ▶Get More Sharehows → Mobile App : → Official Site : → Facebook :"
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