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Baca Puisi Sambil Main Game - Thoughts (Indie Game)

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  • Diterbitkan December 21, 2016
"Thoughts" adalah sebuah 2D platformer game yang sangat simpel dan berisi curahan hati dari penciptanya tentang "kehidupan" dari sudut pandangnya. Berikut pesan yang tertulis di game ini : Life Lot's of pretending Pretending there's something we're here for ... Something worth living for ... Something all our lives were spent working towards. Yet... Deep down we all knows, that NOTHING is there. Some of us recognize this early in life ... Some of us never realize it. I'm not sure which is more of a burden : To know you are living a lie ... Or to be oblivious to that fact? The End... Bagi kalian yang mau download game ini silahkan kunjungi : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Thoughts' is a short 2D platformer game based around exploring a thought that used to float around in my head and it is my first Unity game. This game was created over 4 days as part of a project to produce 6 games over 6 weeks, each with 4 days creation time. Check: and send your feedback to @VRuttle on twitter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Makasih udah mau mampir di video saya. Tolong beri kritik dan saran di kolom komen dibawah, kalau kalian suka video ini klik tombol like dan subscribe. Stay Awesome Guys!!!
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