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PARTY WRECKED!!! - Wreck The Party! Thanksgiving Edition

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    astagameDiunggah December 14, 2016

    It's ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Wreck the party with a turkey in this game. Seriously, it was fun experience. JUST DO IT NOW!! Game ini cocok buat ngelepas stress. Kalian bisa download gamenya di : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wreck the Party has been in development for 3 weeks, and is currently in the early proof of concept stage! It was created by Dana Nelson from Kinda Sweet Studios. Thanks for making such a GREAT game. :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Makasih udah mau nonton. Maaf bila masih cacat. Jangan lupa cubit tombol subscribe / berlangganan, like, komen dan share video ini ke teman-teman kalian. Stay Awesome Guys!!!

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