UN1TY - 'NO MELLOW!' Relay Dance Version

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    One IDDiunggah September 30, 2020

    Hai YouN1T, hari ini #NoMellowMV sudah mencapai 300.000+ views on YouTube Sekaligus merayakan 70k followers UN1TY di TikTok, UN1TY mempersembahkan.. ‘NO MELLOW!’ Relay Dance Version. Hadiah spesial, sekaligus ucapan terima kasih untuk YouN1T semua. Selamat menikmati UN1TY Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: VLIVE: TikTok: 1ID Music Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: VLIVE: UN1TY, and/ or 1ID, its name, including but not limited to its logo, colour and shapes arrangements are trademark wholly owned by PT. Formasi Agung Selaras. The sound recording, mucical composition, video and everything contained herein are copyrights owned by PT. Formasi Agung Selaras. Any usage, distribution, transformation without prior written consent shall constitutes infringement and will be litigated according to prevailing law in every jurisdiction. FAS, 2020 #UN1TYNoMellow #NoMellow #UN1TY #YouN1T

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