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Origins of Fire X Kartika Ekaputri - Lonesome Tree (Teaser 2)

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    Seven Music IndonesiaDiunggah August 06, 2020

    Mental illness is a serious issue in Indonesia and also all around the world. A study published by the American Psychological Association says that 1 in 3 Young Adults in the world has experience loneliness, while In community, people with mental problems are often stigmatized, while in fact this stigmatization could negatively impact them. In this documentary we've gathered a group people that are willing to speak up about their own experience of loneliness and also the mental health stigma that surrounds our society. Origins of Fire is an Indonesian independent Musician and Filmmaker. Support us on Patreon: Spotify: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Credit title Composer & Arranger : Akbar Darmawan Nadif Firza Songwriter : Nadif Firza Producer : Nadif Firza Featured Vocal : Kartika Ekaputri Violin : Stanislaus Puji Setyanto Adi Artwork : Akbar Darmawan Music Video : Mambo Kreatip Mixing & Mastering : Nadif Firza Release Under : Seven Music Indonesia

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