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Hong Kong Riot Police Search Shopping Mall to Crack Down On Protesters

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  • Diterbitkan November 07, 2019
Hong Kong riot police conducted searches inside a shopping mall on Sunday, November 3, as they tried to crackdown on a citywide protest against alleged police brutality. There were reports that several people were wounded. Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, which returned to Chinese rule in 1997, turned parts of the main island into battlegrounds on Saturday, furious at Communist Party leaders in Beijing and perceived Chinese meddling with Hong Kong's freedoms, a charge China denies. The increasingly violent unrest, with more than 3,000 people detained since the protests began, has hurt the reputation of one of the world's top financial hubs. The city has slipped into recession for the first time in a decade as it grapples with the turmoil and the impact from the U.S.-China trade war.
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