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Olive Farmers Harvest Olives in Spain, Despite US Tax

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  • Diterbitkan October 18, 2019
Spanish olive growers use rakes to shake olives from trees as they fall into nets to be harvested, Wednesday, October 9. Spain is the world's biggest producer of olive oil. However, the U.S. plans to impose a 25% tax on some European Union agricultural and industrial products, that will be imposed Friday, October 18. U.S. President Donald Trump reacted to a World Trade Organization decision permitting tariffs on EU goods calling it a "nice victory" earlier this month. Trump wrote in a tweet, "The U.S. won a $7.5 Billion award from the WTO against the EU, who has for many years treated the USA very badly on Trade due to Tariffs, Trade Barriers, and more." Known as "liquid gold," Spain's olive oil industry sustains a number of villages and the new tax makes Spanish farmers worried for their livelihood.
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