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Hong Kong Protests Continue Despite Heightened Police Presence

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  • Diterbitkan October 08, 2019
Protesters remained on the streets of Hong Kong as night fell, Saturday, October 5, despite an increased police presence. A group of pro-democracy Hong Kong legislators filed a legal challenge Saturday against the government's use of a colonial-era emergency law to criminalize the wearing of face masks at rallies to quell anti-government demonstrations, as the protests diminished in intensity but didn't stop. The mask ban that went into effect at midnight Friday triggered an overnight rash of widespread violence and destruction in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, including the setting of fires and attacks on an off-duty police officer who fired a live shot in self-defense that wounded a 14-year-old teen. Two activists failed to obtain a court injunction Friday against the ban on face coverings that the government says have made it tough for police to identify radical protesters.
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