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Ringer Hut Nagasaki Champon - Champon Autentik Khas Nagasaki

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  • Diterbitkan June 20, 2019
Good Japanese restaurants never disappoint when it comes to the sheer variety on offer as far as flavor goes. Ringer Hut is one such restaurant. Since it first opened its doors in 1974, Ringer Hut has always boasted of serving the finest delicacies from Japan. Most popular dishes from Nagasaki, such as Champon, Sara Udon, and Waraji Chicken Set can be found here. Modest touches to the ambiance, inspired by Japanese cultures—such as natural wooden elements, artificial sakura tree, a collection of manga comics—and the Irasshaimase (Welcome) greeting every time you enter the door add a layer of warmth to the experience, which is so typical of Japan. View More:

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