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a CAMEO Film Written & Directed by: Andry Ganda Produced by: Andry Ganda, William Palijama, Daniel Rahmadi, Glenn Salim We made this film as a tribute to our beloved Saviour Jesus Christ and our great community JPCC who always led us to another higher level, and we present this on pass over day 2012. An idea came up to me as I read the scripture. Imagine if we live in an era where nobody knows who the Messiah is, and what if Jesus lives in our time, and we know nothing about the History. What would it be like? Share this, thumbs up and subscribe if you like this video. Happy Passover :-) Cast Reza Nangin as Jesse Jhony Johanis as Peter Gatot Rahmadi as Yohan Bobby Tarigan as Jake Aditya 'Juwet' Pandu as Yuda Willy Darmawan as Captain Ronny Picaulima as 1st Officer Addrian Licarnovi as 2nd Officer Josephine Cesoria as 3rd Officer Erlangga S Wardana as 4th Officer DOP: Andry Ganda Camera Operator: Yosep Sugiarto Editor: Andry Ganda Visual FX: Timotius Agus Music & Sound: Jusuf Winardi Casting Director: Ronald Sunandar Make Up: Michelle Lighting: Dahlan Clapper: Henry Surya Behind The Scene: Martin Anugrah Assistant: Ferry Satrio Our works at VIMEO : FACEBOOK : TWITTER: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM : @cameoproduction EMAIL:

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