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#IN2019IWILL | Hendra's Story

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  • Diterbitkan May 04, 2019
During 2018, we've witnessed how data science can transform big data and improve businesses as well as people's lives in so many ways. We're living in the era of Industry 4.0 now, where tech innovation happens in the blink of an eye. If we couldn't keep up with the changes, then how would our future be? We create this #IN2019IWILL campaign to build awareness on the importance of learning data science. We want to encourage people to have a better life and better future, by starting to learn data science as soon as possible. Team Algoritma met up with Hendra Respati, one of Algoritma Data Science Academy's Alumni to talk about the importance of learning data science for the future. Let's hear his story and the things he will do in 2019! So, what's your #IN2019IWILL goals? Comment below!
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