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    Infobdg TVDiunggah April 30, 2019

    Kue putu or putu bambu, putu buluh or puto bumbong is a traditional cylindrical-shaped and green-colored steamed cake.The cake is made of rice flour with green color acquired from pandan leaf called suji, filled with palm sugar, and steamed in bamboo tube, hence its name, and served with grated coconut. This traditional bite-size snack is commonly found in Maritime Southeast Asia, which includes Indonesian, Malaysian and Philippines cuisines, and believed to be derived from Indian puttu of Tamil origin. Kue putu is also can be found in the Netherlands owed to their colonial ties with Indonesia. Kue putu is one of Indonesian kue or traditional snack, and a popular street food commonly sold by travelling vendor, together with klepon, which is actually ball-shaped kue putu, but made with sticky glutinous rice flour instead.

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