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Orangutan Jungle School di Samboja Lestari!

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  • Diterbitkan August 02, 2018
This is my first trip to #OrangutanJungleSchool in Samboja Lestari - East Kalimantan, a collaboration project with Love Nature Channel and BOS Foundation. Forest School is where orangutans learn the forest skills they need to survive in a real forest when they’re released. Orangutans don’t instinctively know how to survive in the wild. They usually learn their forest skills from their mums. In the wild, a young orangutan will stay close to his/her mother for 6-8 years. At Forest School in BOS Foundation Rehabilitation Centre, the babysitters replace the role of orangutan mothers to teach and take care of young orphaned orangutan. Just like an orangutan mother, babysitters will teach various forest skills to these young orangutans. The skills taught at Forest School include building nests, identifying forest food, and recognizing predators. Apart from teaching and caring for orangutans, babysitters also record their forest skills development. Once their skills have progressed, these orangutans can join higher level group/class at Forest School. After graduating from Forest School, they will move to a pre-release island before being released to the forest! It's a long rehabilitation process, but we need to work hand in hand to #SaveOrangutans. If we don’t do it, then who will? #OJS #StandOrange #OrangutanFreedom #OOTD
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