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Leasing Jeans demi Kelestarian Lingkungan

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  • Diterbitkan January 16, 2018
Mudjeans menyediakan layanan leasing jeans. Anda bisa "menyewa" jeans, lalu jika sudah bosan, Anda bisa mengembalikannya untuk daur ulang. ******************************************************************* For the GenZ who always want to know the latest information from all around the world, our videos DARE to be edgy, courageous and driven. We are willing to challenge the establishment, to call it like it is, to be daring with what we say and how we say it. We CARE, we put ourselves in other's shoes and are able to empathize with what goes on around us. Most of all, we SHARE. We are opinionated, have a strong point of view and a solid community around us. Craving more videos? Check out our other websites! ➺ Website:!l/ind_id/latestv ➺ Facebook: ➺ Instagram: ➺ Youtube International: Subscribe yourself in Youtube Zoomin.TV Indonesia: *******************************************************************
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